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Welcome To The MADHOUSE by dnxpunk


Arkham Asylum Character Roles

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 9:36 AM

A Quick List To Show Open Roles In The Asylum


:bulletgreen: The Joker :bulletpurple:
{Jack White}

Asylum Owner/Warden

Boss Man

A homicidal maniac, bent on creating havoc in Gotham City. His arsenal of
weapons includes razor-cards, acid-spewing flowers, and f
atal laughing gas.

*Portrayed By*

Harley Quinn by MonoriRogue

:bulletpink: Harley Quinn :bulletblue:
{Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel}

Asylum Co-Warden

Joker's Girlfriend

Joker's psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum until she fell in love
with him and subsequently reinvented herself as his madcap sidekick

*Portrayed By*

Poison Ivy by ZippingMeteor
:bulletred: Poison Ivy :bulletgreen:
{Pamela Isley}

Runs Botanical Gardens/Greenhouse

Mature/Matron Type

She has the ability to control all plant life and can create new henchmen
with her mutated seeds. She is immune to all plant-based poisons.

*Portrayed By*

Bane by saadirfan

:bulletgreen: Bane :bulletblack:

Pit Fighter/Runner

Joker's Bodyguard

Has immense strength that comes from a super-steroid called Venom.
Bane's raw power coupled with his genius level intellect makes him a considerable threat.

*Portrayed By*


Killer Croc by ZippingMeteor 
:bulletyellow: Killer Croc :bulletgreen:
{Waylon Jones}

Self Isolated 

Runs Solitary/Sewer Way

He possesses super-strength and is immune to toxins.

*Portrayed By*


The Penguin by MiaCabrera
:bulletwhite: Penguin :bulletblack:
{Oswald Cobblepot}

Runs Gang Related Activity Outside The Asylum

Don't Mention His Mother

A devious bird-themed crime boss who is seldom seen without one of his trick-umbrellas.

*Portrayed By*


Two-Face sketch card by KidNotorious
:bulletwhite: Two-Face :bulletpurple:
{Harvey Dent}

Legal Advice

Ear to the Ground Outside The Asylum

Obsessed with duality and must make most of his decisions with the flip of a coin.
As Two-Face, Harvey Dent commits crimes themed around the number two.

*Portrayed By*


Mr. Freeze by jameszapata

:bulletblue: Mr. Freeze :bulletwhite:
{Dr. Victor Fries}

Runs Cryogenics/The Lab

Loves His Wife

Uses freeze-inducing weaponry and must wear a refrigerated ice-suit to survive.

*Portrayed By*


Arkham Asylum : SCARECROW by ANDREAc

:bulletyellow: Scarecrow :bulletorange:
{Prof. Jonathan Crane}

Runs Intense Care/Therepy

Torturer Of Solitary

A psychologist and biochemist in the specialization of Fear. He dresses symbolically
as a scarecrow, and employs a fear toxin that causes its victims to hallucinate
the presence of what they most fear.

*Portrayed By*


The Riddler by SeanE
:bulletblack: Riddler :bulletgreen:
Edward Nygma}

Wildly Eccentric

Security Room Runner

A criminal mastermind who has a compulsion to challenge authority by leaving clues to
his crimes in the form of riddles
, puzzles, and word-games. Often carries a question-mark
cane around, as well as many other trick puzzle gimmicks.

*Portrayed By*


Image was not Created by me, it was uploaded for use in a chatroom. all rights to DC Universe (c)

All That Chit-Chat's Gonna Get'Cha Hurt...

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 18, 2016, 5:38 PM

"One by One, they'll hear my call. Then this wicked town, will follow my fall."


Ladies and gentlemen! You've read about it in the papers! Now witness, before your very eyes, that most rare and tragic of nature's mistakes! I give you: A Villan's Bar! No Heroes Here ~Wicked Laughter~

Now then...Below Lies A List of Rules and Guidelines To Follow in Our Little Villains Retreat, All

Set up By My Lovely~~ Harley Quinn!!

Harley Quinn by dcwj

~{Image by DCWJ}~

:bulletpurple: ****It's a Secret!**** Mistah J's Numbah One Rule- Punishment fa' not followin' this rule is--- DEATH!! ~giggle~ No ifs, an's or buts!

:bulletgreen: All Villains, Of all Crazed, Deranged Walks Of Life Are Welcome, But Mistah J is Tha' Boss O'course!



Joker:deathbat: Harley Quinn:deathbat: Poison Ivy:deathbat: Bane:deathbat: Killer Croc:deathbat: Penguin:deathbat: Two-Face:deathbat: Mr. Freeze:deathbat: Scarecrow:deathbat:  Riddler

Click :bulletgreen:HERE:bulletgreen: To Check The Roster For Character Availability.

~~If There Is A Villain You Wish To Be That Is Not Listed, Leave A Comment Below With The Name And Your Intro~~
:bulletpurple: Smile Smile Smile!! Ha!

:bulletgreen: No Fightin, Unless, O'course, You Want A Happy Shot To Tha' Face!! 
*Exceptions are as Follows: In Bane's Colosseum/Pit, Bets Are Appreciated! Or When Super Heroes Pop In.

"Devil is double is deuce, my dear doctor ... and joker trumps deuce."

:bulletpurple: Make My Puddin' Unhappy An' You'll be Locked In A Cell All Ya' Own! Get It?

:bulletgreen: There's No 3rd Chances! Mess up Again And You'll Meet K.C's Teeth! ~Giggle~ Now That's a Killa' Sit-chu-ation!! Ha Ha Ha!!

:bulletpurple: Don't Dis-Ruh-spect Me!! Or Else My Puddin'll Show Ya A Real Killa' Joke!

:bulletgreen: Now The Final, and Most Important After My Puddin'-----

This is An Adults Only Place! If Ya' Ain't Of Age Git Lost!!!!

And The Rest'a You Baddies....Read this Down Ta' The End

~A Quick Historical Description~

Arkham Asylum is located on the outskirts of Gotham City an' it's where all o' us, Batman's foes, who're considered ta' be "mentally ill" are brought as patients ~~others are sent up ta' Blackgate Pen.

Now tha' Asylum doesn't have a good record, at least with tha' high-profile cases—patients, such as My Puddin' Mistah J, are frequently escaping at will—an' those who are thought ta' be cured and discharged tend to re-offend. Aaaan', several staff members, including its original founder, Dr. Amadeus Arkham and director Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, as well as staff members, Like Me, The Former Doctah Harleen Quinzel!! ~Giggle~ Lyle Bolton an', in some incarnations, Dr. Jonathan Crane and Hugo Strange, have become mentally unstable, Crazy even, ha!

Prisoners wit' unusual medical conditions that prevent them from staying in a regular prison are housed Here. For example, Mr. Freeze is not considered crazy like us, but he requires a refrigerator box ta' stay alive; Arkham, with special conditions required for certain patients or inmates being a regularity rather than exception, was seen by authorities ta' be an ideal location under certain circumstances.

Gotham baddies deemed "criminally insane" or "mentally unfit" by the court of law generally are treated at Williams Medical Center before being deemed fun-- I mean dangerous a-nough ta' be sent here, ta' Arkham Asylum, oops! Mistah J's Asylum now ~Giggles~

:heart:  ~Asylum Overveiw~  :heart:
Ahhh~ Home! <3

:bulletpurple: Main Room/Kitchen :bulletpurple:
Food an' Drinks On Tha' House!!
*Fun Fact: The Theatre Faces On tha' Pilla's Have Ventilation! My Puddin's Special Laughing Gas Is Excreted Through these Vents Neutralizing all your Demi-Human Powers, And Fills the Room Wit' Laughta'

:bulletgreen: The Upper level Cells :bulletgreen:
-No Doc'ta's Or Security O'course, 'Cept us Villains!
{Those who've been Invited To Stay! These are Our Rooms O'Course!}

Arkham- night by bonvillain

:bulletpurple: Mid level Cells :bulletpurple:
Spare Rooms Fa' Those Who Wan'em!!~

Closed Mental Asylum by mtfoto

:bulletgreen: Lower level Cells :bulletgreen:
{Where Ya' Go When Ya' Been Bad Ta' Mista J}

Haunted Hallway by katrina-shae

:bulletpurple: The Belfry :bulletpurple: 
A Place to Calm Tha' Madness~

:bulletgreen: Bridge to the Upper level Cells :bulletgreen:
The Bridge by Maru-Light

:bulletpurple: Basement Containment :bulletpurple:
{This is where you are, when you've been banned.....~Shivers~ }
Asylum (NOTE: THE PIC IS NOT FROM ME) by TheFaintPen

:bulletgreen: Sewer Passage :bulletgreen:

Sewer Exit by Alexlinde

:bulletpurple: K.C's Domain :bulletpurple:
You Don' Wanna See This Room, Croc Isn't very Hospitable...
But He'll Sure Show Ya' A Killa' Time!!! 

R3 Sewer by MeckanicalMind

~Other Misc. & Special Rooms In Joker's Asylum!!!~

:bulletpurple: The Green House/Botanical Gardens - As Poison Ivy has taken over tha' gardens, she's restructured the greenhouse fa' her own purposes, digging deep below the Asylum right inta' Gotham's sewer system, This is her domain, Visitors are welcome, but don' pick tha' flowa's please!

*Poison Ivy Must Be Present to enter.*

:bulletgreen: Cryogenics Lab -
In Extreme Incarceration at the Penitentiary, an Iced Over Room, Don't Fahget Ya' Coat! 

*Mr.Freeze Must Be Present To Enter*

:bulletpurple: Interrogation/Therapy
A More Comfortable Place With a seemingly warm atmosphere! Unless You're in Shock treatments -Yeouch! 

:bulletgreen: Medical/Morgue

:bulletpurple: Locker Rooms - Well...Its a Locka' Room..

:bulletgreen: Security - The Security Room Here Is Run By The One, The Only, The-...Eccentric! Riddler!!! Don't Get'em Started.....

:bulletpurple: Bane's Colosseum/Pit(Boiler room) - It's a Burly, Brawly Battle Arena!!
"Good evening, residents of Joker Asylum! Some of our...crazier guests have crashed the party early, and when I say crazy, I mean REAL psycho. Word of warning, if anyone sees a dribbling fool barking at the moon or maybe just purring like a kitten, do your civic duty. Walk up to them, put your arm around them, show them that you care...before you wring their necks!"

*Use The Phrase /me a dribbling fool barking at the moon In The Chatroom To Get A Class Promotion!!*

"Parting is such sweet sorrow, dearest. Still, you can't say we didn't show you a good time.
Enjoy yourself out there... in the asylum. Just don't forget --
if it ever gets too tough... there's always a place for you here."



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